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Golden bronze lacquer


Golden bronze lacquer

() Използва се за декоративно оформяне на метални изделия (печки, кюнци, камини, ауспуси на автомобили), подлежащи на нагряване до 180°С. За силиконов бронз до 360°С.

-Технически показатели


Product Description

Golden bronze lacquer

The product is intended for:

Used for decoration and protection of metal products (stoves, stove-pipes, fireplaces, car exhaust ) at temperature up to 180 °C. It can be used for decorations on metal.Silicon bronze is resistant to high temperatures up to 360 ° C.
Composition: Alkyd resin, solvent, finely ground pigments, additives .

Usage: Stir well before use, dilute if necessary. Apply to dry substrates, degreased and cleaned of dirt, dust and rust. Apply by brush or pad

Dilution: Delivered ready for use

Consumption: Consumption varies , depending on the base

Drying: 24 hours at 20 ° C. Complete drying takes place after gradual heating

Storage: Store in dry warehouses, away from direct sunlight at temperatures from 5 to 25 ° C. Keep away from children. Protect from freezing.

Shelf life: 12 months.

Net weight: 0,100 l

Documents: For each batch the manufacturer provide:

Directions for use of the product

Sample copy of the technical documentation

Declaration of conformity of the product , according to the Ordinance on the essential requirements and conformity assessment of construction products ( NSIOSSP) .

Additional information on request


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