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About us


Manufacture of paints, varnishes and coatings

Wide range of products

Alkyd paints and varnishes, enamels, acrylic paints, azure varnishes, car paints, primers, adhesives and others

Modern technology

Company make significant investment in new production equipment and modern technology

“SELT” Ltd. was founded in 1990 in Plovdiv and is one of the leading manufacturers of paints and varnishes in Bulgaria. Our company offers a wide range of products, emulsion paints for interior and exterior use, alkyd paints and varnishes, enamels, acrylic lacquers, primers, adhesives, etc., intended for construction, machine building, transport, energy, furniture industry and households.

The production technology is modern and flexible, leading to excellent operating performance and decorative products. The company makes significant investments in new production equipment and advanced technology.

In order to fully satisfy the high demands of its customers, the company works with raw materials from leading chemical corporations such as BASF, AKZO NOBEL, CLARIANT, WAKER, BEZEMA CHT, BYK Chemie, DUPONT, TEGO, HEUBACH, KRONOS ECKART, HELIOS and others.

Our priority is to ensure that products meet the standards and requirements for security and safety. The company owns certificate implemented an integrated system of quality management ISO9001, issued by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

Company policy is aimed at continuously improving the quality, design, innovations and introduction of new products.

Production site of “SELT” Ltd. is located in the southern industrial zone of the town of Plovdiv, 8 km. from the city center. The location is very convenient for the functioning of a modern industrial enterprise, and for logistical purposes.